Shipping & Returns


How much does shipping cost?

Shipping cost is based on weight and is calculated based on the gross weight of your cart during checkout.

What is the handling time for my order?

Same-day or 1 business day, excluding the holiday season.

What carrier will it ship with?

USPS, UPS or FedEx, depending on your location and if you purchased Expedited Shipping.

How is it packaged?

We take tremendous pride in how we package products. All orders ship in boxes, with the exception of single trading cards.

When can I expect to receive it?

Please refer to the service/carrier is was shipped with and the provided tracking number(s).


I received the wrong item/my item is damaged. What do I do?

In the very rare event that you received the incorrect item (we triple-check our boxes!), you are entitled to a full refund and replacement. We will even pay the return shipping. The same is true for damaged products.

Nothing is wrong with my order, how do I return it?

A full refund will be issued (less any return shipping) once we receive your return.

NOTE: Certain items (MTG/Pokemon/etc. products) have an overwrap or stickers on them. If they are removed, or in any way tampered with, the refund will be denied. Please inspect your item(s) for exterior damage prior to removing the overwrap or stickers.

This is done to combat a prevalent practice of pack manipulation, and is in place to protect our customers.